Today's advances in technology can be overwhelming, and more than ever, Brown Enterprise Solutions' team is dedicated to putting you on the right path.
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We here at Brown Enterprise Solutions realize technology has become a key differentiator for healthcare providers to effectively deliver quality care and sound business strategies in a challenging and expanding market. As the need to contain costs, the concern for patient safety, and industry regulations continue to grow and pose as challenges for today's healthcare provider, Brown Enterprise Solutions is able to bring you the perfect prescription of leading technology to this marketplace. We are excited to offer you information and resources, as well as, industry specific technology that will enable us to deliver complete solutions and generate healthy returns for your business.
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RxPRO has proven itself a valuable asset in many different ways as it contributes to your practice. The convenience and functionality of RxPRO increases revenue and productivity for your practice. There was $30,000 per year of fewer pharmacy phone calls. On average, RxPRO has increased revenue by at least $5,000 per month, with very little upfront costs, minimal effort, and in a very short amount of time.
RxPro Solution Features:
Web-based Application: No software required, no expensive hardware build-out, and works off a standard internet connection.
Automated Ordering System: Simple order entry and customized inventory control.
Dedicated Client Support: Dedicated account executive, customer service help desk, and online support.
EHR Integration: e-Prescribe medications from your EHR and your selections will automatically appear in the dispense queue.
User Friendly: All-in-one dispensind, ordering, tracking & billing solution through a simple online application.
Real-time Reimbusements and Claim Adjudication: Pharmacy payment from the insurance company comes directly to you within 30 days.
How does RxPro Impact My Patients:
Utilizing RxPRO in your practice has a direct result on your patients. By using RxPRO, you can ensure that your patients are taking their prescriptions. There will also be fewer errors and less change to legibility.
Over 75% of patients prefer to receive prescriptions at their physician's practice, so dispensing prescriptions in house will also be an increased satisfaction from your patients.
RxPRO also allows you to directly bill insurance companies for greater patient convenience.