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What is cloud computing? Technically speaking...

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared "resources" (servers, disk space, firewalls, backup, software and the services needed to install and support it) are provided to users to their personal computer, laptop and other devices on-demand, like a utility (electricity, water, etc.). SaaS, or "software as a service" is a cloud computing service. The hardware, software and support required to host and deliver the application is the sole responsibility of the SaaS provider, not the end user. The end user only pays for the service of using the software on an as-needed, subscription basis, or simply uses the service. Why would a business owner choose cloud computing over a traditional network?

There are a few key advantages:

  • The cost of buying, installing and supporting a computer network goes down dramatically.

  • You gain greater flexibility in accessing your computer network (files, applications, etc.) remotely and from various devices (laptop, iPad, Blackberry, etc).

  • You gain the benefit of having built-in disaster recovery and data backup.

  • You can purchase cheaper workstations(devices) and get them to last longer since the computing "power" is in the cloud and not on the individual workstation.

  • Since you are paying for the service like a utility, it's cheaper and easier to add and remove workers from your network.

  • You avoid hefty network upgrade costs.

  • You no longer need to pay for someone to maintain your network (server, firewall, patch management, backups, etc.)

Brown Enterprise Solutions offers the following list of Cloud Services:

  • Hosted Email & Calendaring, MS Office Suite and Productivity Tools.

  • Hosted VOIP, UC (Unified Communications) & Web Conferencing

  • Data backup, Disaster recovery

  • Security & Managed Services

  • LasS and Cloud Storage

  • Misc, RMM, CRM PSA, Social